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Miami Beach SoundScape

Designed by the Dutch urban design & landscape architecture firm West 8, Miami Beach SoundScape is a new 2.5-acre urban space in the cultural and civic heart of downtown Miami Beach. Capturing the spirit and vitality of Miami Beach, it is a flexible, multi-use space adjacent to the new Frank Gehry-designed New World Center, and serves as both an urban oasis and a gathering place for cultural and special events.

Size   133,200 square feet or over 2.5 acres
Dimensions   370 feet x 360 feet
Plants Used   Veitchia and Hurricane Palms
Live Oak
Royal Poincianas
Celebration Bermuda Turf


The iconic pergolas are welcoming gateways and shade structures at Miami Beach SoundScape‟s entrances. Three pergolas reach into the space, inviting people to access the interior spaces.

These West 8 designed custom features are a sculptural abstraction of the fluffy cumulus clouds inherent to Miami Beach. Each pergola is composed of metal and be capable of withstanding South Florida weather. Flowering vines reach from the base to the edges, reinforcing the park points of entry and providing a burst of color and shade.