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New World Symphony WALLCAST™ Concerts

Live WALLCAST™ concerts will allow you to experience select events throughout the season at Miami Beach SoundScape through a striking use of visual and audio technology on a soaring, 7,000-square-foot projection wall. WALLCAST™ concerts are free to the public and do not require a ticket.

Visit the WALLCAST™ concert page at nws.edu for the WALLCAST™ concert schedule.

Chronograph (2010)

By Tal Rosner and C.E.B. Reas

Created for the New World Center's 7,000-square-foot exterior projection wall, this large-scale and site-specific installation takes its inspiration directly from the new structure and the surrounding historical art deco neighborhood of Miami Beach. Based on thousands of photographs taken over the course of the construction of the new building and images of local architecture, this dynamic digital mural shifts between the recognizable and the abstract, animating and creating new forms on the building’s nighttime façade.

Using the same visual source material, the mural is punctuated by hourly videographic events marking the top of each hour and achieved by altering aspects of the work’s choreography—detail, pacing, palette, rhythm, geometry and pattern. Custom-written software not only creates periodic cycles, but also generates an ever-changing visual experience over time for new and repeat visitors, regardless of the time, the day or the season.

SoundScape Cinema Series

An Arts in the Parks program presented by the City of Miami Beach

The SoundScape Cinema Series at ExoStage, an Arts in the Parks program, will show movies on the wall Wednesdays at 8:00pm. The SoundScape Cinema Series is free to the public, with no ticket required.

For more information on Arts in the Parks, including the SoundScape Cinema Series, visit the City of Miami Beach website at www.mbculture.com or contact Gary Farmer, Cultural Affairs Manager, at (305) 673-7577.